“An Alaskan Moment” for January 25th, 2021

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A “moment” is a measure of time… 90 seconds.

“An Alaskan Moment” lasts a little longer.

Sometimes twice as much.

Every Monday morning.


This week in Alaska History:

January 25, 1959 – Alaska’s first indoor artificially heated swimming pool opened in Fairbanks.

January 26, 1959 – The first Alaska State Legislature convened at Juneau.

January 27, 1925 – The first dog team left Nenana to relay serum to Nome to fight a diphtheria epidemic. The serum reached Nome on February 4.

January 28, 1940 – Half of the town of Candle was destroyed by fire.

January 29, 1914 – Juneau Camp No. 4 of the Alaska Native Brotherhood was organized in the Native school house.

January 30, 1920 – Fire destroyed the plant of the Daily Alaska Citizen at Fairbanks.

January 31, 1956 – General John Noyes, head of the Alaska National Guard, died at Nome as a result of a plane crash.

This week in Alaska History compiled by Robert N. DeArmond of Sitka
Courtesy of the Alaska Historical Society


Now for your poem.

Today’s poem is found in the book “Hunger & Dreams: The Alaskan Women’s Anthology”, edited by Patricia Monaghan. Published by Fireweed Press, Fairbanks, 1983.

“Fish Story”
by Katherine McNamara