“An Alaskan Moment” for March 8th, 2021

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A “moment” is a measure of time… 90 seconds.

“An Alaskan Moment” lasts a little longer.

Sometimes twice as much.

Every Monday morning.

From Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting in Sand Point.


This week in Alaska History:

March 8, 1960 – The state legislature passed a bill permitting non – profit organizations to operate games of chance.

March 9, 1911 – Fire in Douglas destroyed a large section of the business district.

March 10, 1959 – The Alaska House of Representatives voted to give the governor of the new state a salary of $25,000 a year.

March 11, 1942 – The SS Mount McKinley, 4,861 tons, and carrying military cargo, was wrecked at Scotch Cap, Unimak Pass.

March 12, 1914 – President Woodrow Wilson signed into law a bill providing for a government railroad in Alaska. The Alaska Railroad created by this legislation is now owned by the State of Alaska.

March 13, 1968 – Atlantic Richfield and Humble Oil announced their Prudhoe Bay discovery well.

March 14, 1929 – International Airways inaugerated air passenger service between Seattle and Alaska.

This week in Alaska History compiled by Robert N. DeArmond of Sitka
Courtesy of the Alaska Historical Society


Now for your poem.

Today’s poem is found in the book “A Good Crew: An Alaskan Men’s Anthology”, edited by Roland Wilbert and Larry Laraby. Published by Fireweed Press in Fairbanks, 1986.

by Warren Woessner

Paul Holmberg for the music.
– Austin Roof’s Media Class students from the Sand Point School.
– I. J. Jacobsen of QTT.