JOB: Agdaagux Tribal Administrator

Posted on: March 31st, 2022 | Author: Holden | Filed under: Community Window, Employment Opportunity

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The Agdaagux Tribe is accepting applications for the following position:

POSITION:Tribal Administrator
SALARY: $80,000

JOB SUMMARY: Under the direction of the Agdaagux Tribal Council, the governing body of the Agdaagux Tribe of King Cove, the Tribal Administrator is responsible for overall management and operation of the Tribal government with oversight of day-to-day operations and development and implementation of the Tribe’s strategic plan and policies.

The Tribal Administrator shall be responsible for supporting the directive received from the Tribal Council and perform duties and responsibilities to accomplish the purpose and goals as outlined in the Strategic Plan or as otherwise directed by the Tribal Council.

The Tribal Administrator will work closely with Tribal staff and act as an executive lead to Tribal Government who represents the Tribe in public relations, and with other local, tribal, state, or federal agencies in compliance with Tribal and applicable Federal laws. The Tribal Administrator has the responsibility to oversee and co-manage the day-to-day operations of the government. This requires a commitment to establishing and providing organization support by working proactively and cooperatively with Tribal Council, Tribal Staff, and Tribal Members to build a multi-year strategic framework that aligns with the Tribe’s mission, vision, and values.

The Tribal Administrator shall be responsible for contracts management, negotiating agreement terms that reflect the needs of the Tribe; maintains effective systems of internal controls, monitors progress of agreements and maintains agreement documentation to ensure fulfillment of agreement terms including receipt and expenditure of funds. The Tribal Administrator will implement a strong leadership style that serves to strengthen and promote service to the Tribe and teamwork, develops and enhances Government-to-Government partnerships that benefit the Tribe, develops and enhances Community relationships, and provides stability for Government operations to enhance opportunities and resources for future generations. Pay: $80,000 per year.


• Organize Council Meetings, prepare agendas and supporting documentation, and ensure staff are available to attend as necessary.
• Provide administrative support to Tribal Council as requested, including preparations for external
and internal meetings and/or appearances.
• Support the Tribal Council in the planning and implementation of activities, programs and projects that serve the needs of Tribal Membership. Prepare necessary materials such as resolutions, contracts, ordinances, etc. to support these activities.
• Serve as liaison between Tribal Council and staff.
• Work with Tribal Council to develop immediate and long-range goals and objectives.
• Represent the Tribal Council at external meetings, activities as directed by Tribal Council.
• Provide regular reports to Tribal Council regarding the status of projects or programs, by giving updates on performance milestones, budgets, and pending deadlines.

• Provide supervision and management of Tribal Government staff.
• Hold regular staff meetings to obtain progress reports on projects, programs, and services, to identify problems or issues and to develop corrective action plans.
• Oversee all staff hiring and firing decisions through exercising delegated authority granted by Tribal Council. Maintain communication with the Council President on actions.
• Conduct Performance Evaluations of staff.
• Perform executive level planning, organizing, and directing of tribal departments.
• Establish a work environment for staff that is supportive, positive and productive.

• In coordination with the Tribal Accountant, Tribal Council, and key program staff, establish budget priorities and prepare the annual budget. Monitor expenditures monthly and ensure funds are spent in accordance with policy and grant/federal requirements (2 CFR Part 200).
• Identify and seek new funding opportunities to meet the Tribe’s goals and objectives.
• Ensure that grant reports (performance and financial) and deliverables are submitted on time and as per award requirements.
• Attend conferences and trainings as available and required.
• Provide annual strategic plans for Council approval.
• Review policies and procedures on an annual basis and update as necessary.


• Provide administrative and logistical support to the Tribe’s Election Committee.
• Establish and maintain a good working relationship with tribal membership.
• Assist tribal members with accessing programs and services.
• Meet with tribal members to resolve issues with programs, policies, or staff.
• Notify Tribal Council of issues brought forth by tribal members.
• Ensure that both staff and tribal members are treated respectfully by each other.


• BA or BS degree from accredited four-year university in Public Administration or Business Administration or related field; or minimum of seven years verifiable, successful work experience in government operations in a position of equal level or responsibility, and/or training; or equivalent.
• Minimum o’. five (5) years’ or more in the administration and management of grant funded programs and supervisory experience managing and delegating tasks to a team.
• Experience in the area of Indian affairs or Tribal Government and Government-to-Government relations experience is preferred.
• Ak lil ity to multi-task and have excellent management, communication, planning, and organizational