“An Alaskan Moment” for March 15th, 2021

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A “moment” is a measure of time… 90 seconds.

“An Alaskan Moment” lasts a little longer.

Sometimes twice as much.

From Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting in Sand Point.


This week in Alaska History:

March 15, 1916 – The Bering River and Matanuska coal reserves were proclaimed by President Woodrow Wilson.

March 16, 1901 – Treadwell, on Douglas Island, was incorporated as a first class city.

March 17, 1912 – The U.S. Marines, withdrew from Sitka where a contingent had been stationed since 1879.

March 18, 1918 – The Wilson & Sylvester sawmill at Wrangell, the largest mill in Alaska, burned.

March 19, 1963 – The former Revenue Cutter Bear, famed for her long service in northern waters, sank in the Atlantic while under tow.

March 20, 1861 – Wilds P. Richardson, the first president of the Alaska Road Commission (1905 to 1917), was born in Texas.

March 21, 1913 – Governor Walter E. Clark approved the first act of the first Territorial Legislature, giving Alaska women the right to vote.

This week in Alaska History compiled by Robert N. DeArmond of Sitka
Courtesy of the Alaska Historical Society


Now for your poem.

Today’s poem is found in the book “Hunger & Dreams: The Alaskan Women’s Anthology”, edited by Patricia Monaghan. Published by Fireweed Press in Fairbanks, 1983.

by Joanne Townsend

Paul Holmberg for the music.
– Austin Roof’s Media Class students from the Sand Point School.
– V. Porter of apradio.org.