Production & Operations Manager

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Production and Operations Manager: Holden Feldbauer

With KSDP Since: July 2018

Seasonal Tech Director

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(Seasonal) Tech  Director: Virgil Porter

Joined KSDP: October 2008


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Name: David Dillard

Joined KSDP: February 2012

Previous Work: Worked in family restaurant, taught at Skagit Valley College and a c0mmercial fishermen.

Biography: Was the son of a Navy man, so he traveled to many places. He attended Western Washington University, receiving degrees in Music as well as Philosophy.

Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc. Diversity Statement

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830-AM KSDP Radio / Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc. employs full-time and part-time staff to oversee the operation and development of the radio station. The Board hires the General Manager and he or she oversees the day to day operation of the station. Vacancies are posted locally in Sand Point, aired on the radio and posted online at and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Jobline.

APBI is an equal opportunity employer and maintains a drug-free workplace.

General Manager

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General Manager: Austin Roof

Joined KSDP Staff: December 2010

Previous Experience: Coffee Shop Owner, Restaurant Manager

Biography: Born in Tucson, Arizona, Austin’s family moved to Norfolk, Virginia early in his life for his father to enter law school.  In 2004, Austin matriculated to college from Norfolk Christian Schools with an advanced academic diploma.  In 2007, Austin transitioned to the West Coast where he met his bride, Cheryl Adams.  In 2009, Austin and his wife departed California and drove the Alcan Highway to Alaska where they settled in Sand Point, Cheryl’s hometown.  Together, until late 2010, they operated a popular Sand Point coffee shop called Cut ‘R Loose.  In addition to his work at the radio station, Austin is pursing a Bachelors of Divinity degree, as well as working part time, early mornings, for the Aleutians East Borough School District.