“An Alaskan Moment” for November 2nd, 2020

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Today is Monday, November 2nd, 2020

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This week in Alaska History:

November 2, 1920 – Anchorage residents voted 328 to 130 to incorporate as a first class city.

November 3, 1942 – Construction crews building the Alaska Highway from the north and south met at “break through,” 20 miles east of the Alaska boundary.

November 4, 1884 – The first U.S. District Court was formally organized at Sitka.

November 5, 1912 – An election selected 24 members, 8 in the Senate, 16 in the House, for the first Territorial Legislature

November 6, 1940 – An entire block, including the post office and a hotel, were destroyed by fire at McCarthy.

November 7, 1938 – Construction began on a long awaited small boat harbor at Juneau.

November 8, 1955 – The Alaska Constitutional Convention convened on the campus of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.

November 9, 1929 – Carl Ben Eielsen and Earl Borland were killed when their plane was wrecked in Siberia.

This week in Alaska History compiled by Robert N. DeArmond of Sitka
Courtesy of the Alaska Historical Society


Now for your poem.

Sheila Nickerson was named Poet Laureate of Alaska in 1977.

She served as writer-in-residence for the State of Alaska Artists-in-the-Schools program, was writer-in-residence at the Alaska State Library, and was co-founder of University Within Walls, a statewide prison education program.

She was also editor of Alaska’s Wildlife, a magazine published by the State of Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

The following piece comes from “Hunger and Dreams: The Alaskan Womens Anthology”. Published by Fireweed Press, 1983