KSDP Board Meeting – September 27, 2018

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Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting will be holding a meeting of its Board of Directors on September 27, 2018 at 5:30 PM at its studio offices in Sand Point.

This meeting is open to the public.

Current Community Advisory Board

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Current Members of our Community Advisory Board:

Carla Chebetnoy

John Jacebson

Joanna Karlson

Contact KSDP if you are interested in joining us for good food and a good conversation on how to help KSDP serve our communities better!

KSDP Board Meeting: March 27, 2017

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Download Download KSDP’s March 27, 2018 Board Agenda Here(PDF, 1.1MB).

Board of Directors Meeting
KSDP Office, Sand Point City Building
Tuesday, March 27, 2017
5:30 P.M.


Call to order
Roll call
Approval of agenda
Approval of minutes
General Manager’s Report

Old Business

a) FY 18 Budget Mid-Year Update

New business

a) Members Meeting

Public Comments and Discussion

Next Meeting

Cathy Adams

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Cathy has called Sand Point home since her birth, which gives her a lot of knowledge and love to bring to KSDP’s Board of Directors. Cathy runs the Marine View Bed and Breakfast and enjoys being an active member of the community, picking berries and her three grandchildren.

Cathy Adams was elected to a 3-year seat in 2017.

Curtis Jensen

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Curtis Jensen is a teacher of English at Sand Point School. He was recently elected to a one year seat in 2016!

Amy Mack

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Amy Mack was recently re-elected for a second 2 year seat in 2016. She hails from the lovely town of King Cove and is very active in the communities across the Aleutians East Borough.

Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting Board Meeting: May 26, 2016

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5-26-16 Agenda

Nate Julian

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Elected to a Two Year Seat in 2014

Appointed Secretary/Treasurer by Board of Directors

Public Notice: Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc. – Board of Directors Elections

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KSDP’s license holder; Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, will soon hold an election to fill 5 seats on its Board of Directors.

If you are a current member of Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting and would like to be on the Board of Directors you must file a statement of candidacy (pdf) by 5pm on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014.

Ballots for the Board of Directors election will be mailed out to members on April 3rd, 2014.

If you would like to become a member of Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, stop by the office in the Sand Point City Building or call 907.383.KSDP

The full public notice of this election is pasted below and available to be downloaded as a PDF.

Information about serving on our Board of Directors is available here (PDF).

Statement of Candidacy (pdf)

Scott Morgan

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Appointed:2013 to fill seat vacated by Luke Meinert

Pastor Scott Morgan is a lifetime fisherman who has drifted his way from Bristol Bay to the Aleutians East Borough. Until 2012 Scott resided in Seattle, Washington but an opportunity to serve the Sand Point Baptist Church as its Head Pastor brought him and his wife Judy here for the long term.

Marta Varga

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Title: Vice President


Marta Varga

Elected: Spring 2009

Length of Term: 2 years

Appointed: Spring 2008

Length of Term: 1 year

*Varga won the most votes in the 2009 election.

Marta Varga has been the head librarian at the Sand Point Public Library for more than thirty years. During her tenure, the library has expanded and undergone a wide variety of improvements. Mrs. Varga and her husband Frank own the leading taxi business in Sand Point. She left Hungary, followed her dreams and fell in love with husband Frank hoping to have a lifetime adventure.


KSDP Board Election Results 11/19/12

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As most of you are aware this last month we had our annual board election. This year we had one seat opening for a one (1) year term.

Two parties ran: James ‘Jaimo’ Webster and Marta Varga.

The race was very close but here are the results:

Marta Varga: 18 Votes

James Webster: 25 Votes

Thank you so much everyone for being a part of our community radio station, we would not be who we are without you!!

Tentative Board Meeting

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KSDP will be scheduling a tentative board meeting to be held on December 22, 2011. The purpose of this meeting will be to swear in new Board Directors as well as declare officers.

As always the public is welcome to join us and we look forward to seeing you there. Time and location TBA.

AIRWAVES- September

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Dear Board Members:


The last few weeks have been very exciting ones for KSDP. Let me share with you some of the more electrifying events that have occurred.


  • As most of you know we held our annual board election last Thursday on the 22nd of September. There were 4 seats available and 7 people running. The race was very close on all ends, and we are able to announce that the new board of directors for the 2011-2012 session will be:


o   Luke Meinert (3 year term)

o   Dan Williams (2 year term)

o   Jim Brown (2 year term)

o   Marta Varga (1 year term)


Jack Foster will continue in his seat for another 2 years. Congratulations to everyone and thank you to all who ran. We at KSDP are looking forward to seeing the radio station advance to new levels this upcoming year.  We also want to extend our sincerest thanks to Mary Olsen and Laura Clark Bean for being such excellent assets to our radio station over this last year. THANK YOU!


  • On the week of the 14th I had the opportunity to fly out to Anchorage for a Fundraising and Development Conference that was put on by the APBC and Coast Alaska. The focus of the conference was how to improve your stations underwriting and membership departments. These are two areas that KSDP needs to give some much needed attention. Some key ideas that were taken away from the classes were: membership drives, creating value for our radio station, community involvement, and corporate relations. Much good came from this trip and I am very excited to discuss several of the ideas that came out of it with the board during our next meeting.


  • The radio station needs to have a board meeting to welcome in the new members and discuss officer positions. It will be best to have this meeting sometime in the month of October so that it will qualify as occurring in the 2nd quarter. Please be in touch if there are times that do not work for you in October.






Austin Roof

General Manager

Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc.

Laura Clark

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Title: Interim Board Member

Elected: Spring 2011

Term: 6 Months