March 11, 2013 KSDP Meeting Minutes

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  1. Call to order

Luke Meinert called the meeting to order at 5:38pm on Monday, March 11, 2013 at the Sand Point KSDP Radio Station.

  1. Roll call

Board members present: Luke Meinert, President; Jim Brown, Vice President; Dan Williams, Secretary/Treasurer

The following board members were excused: Jack Foster Jr, Director; James ‘Jamo’ Webster, Director

The following persons were present: Austin Roof, General Manager; Shalene Chebetnoy-Jackson, Administrative Assistant; Dave Dillard, DJ; Marissa Williams, Intern


  1. Approval of Agenda

Jim asked to add under new business, c.) State Basketball

Luke, under new business, changed a.)Swearing in of New Board Members to a.)Acceptance of Election Results. Also under new business, Luke added d.) Cell Phones

Jim made a motion to add all of the above to agenda and approve it. Dan seconded. All in favor. Motion Passed.

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Jim made motion to approve minutes from last meeting. Dan seconded. All in favor. Motion passed.


  1. Reports

a.) General Managers Report:

Austin gave updates on the financial status of the radio station, we are in a healthy state right now. We are finishing up the FY12 Grant and the next legislative cycle we will apply for another. Luke asked about the waiting period between the close out of this grant and applying for another one. Asked if there were any other kind of grants out there. Austin said that currently radio stations are not being looked at for grants. We could work with the Borough or the City to apply for other grants though. There are also private foundations like Rasmuson. Austin asked if anyone had any big ideas for grants, a translator in False Pass was brought up. Luke asked that we make a list of 5 or 10 things, short or long term that we could improve at the station. Austin will look into this, thoughts on maybe doing something with the internet/website.

Austin talked about the expanded coverage of the basketball games this season. This year every Sand Point game and almost every King Cove game was broadcasted on KSDP. The hope for next year is to create sponsorship spots during basketball game coverage. There is a conference coming up in May based around underwriting and fundraising that could help with these goals. Also updated information about how Virgil is doing with the tech job. He has been doing a lot of interviews with people on the radio and has also been working with Austin on redoing the station website. Virgil will be back in the office for a bit until salmon season opens then he will be fishing. While Virgil was in Anchorage, he also helped getting things set up so we were able to the broadcast the Board of Fish meetings.

The transmitter is running well since the last time that it was fixed. The problem last time was a wire that was loose. The guy who came in to fix this also did a routine inspection of the tower and made sure everything else was in place and how it should be. Also talked about the future installation of our UPS/Power Conditioner for the transmitter site so when the power goes out, the UPS will keep the transmitter running until the back-up generator kicks on. This will protect the transmitter from power outages and surges.

Talked a little about the Emergency How to Manual that we have been putting together.

Austin talked about updating the website a little more and looking for potential developers for this. Should be discussed more next meeting.

Luke asked who will be in charge while Austin is gone. Virgil will be the ‘go to’ guy if something goes down and Shalene will man the office.

b.) Administrative Report:

Shalene gave oral report on what she has been working on. Talked more about the manual that has been put together to help in case something goes wrong at the station. Also included in the manual are how to everyday things and annual fundraising and membership information. Shalene has been doing all of the everyday stuff, printing checks, inputting payroll, etc.

c.) Programming Report:

Virgil has been adding more songs and updating, our library is now at about 19,000 songs. Dave has updated the classical music library as well. The station has been looking to save money on music. We have been paying $375.00 per month for a couple of hard drives and also cds that we get in the mail weekly. The CD’s are not up to par and don’t have a lot of the more popular songs. Austin and Shalene have been trying to contact Jones to no avail. Trying to cancel our subscription with them but almost impossible to get a hold of them. The board suggested that maybe we stop payment until they contact us. The alternative that Austin has found for this is through another licensing firm. It would be a 50 year contract for a $380 one time payment.

Dave asked the boards opinion about maybe doing a monthly talk show featuring famous people and debates. Everyone seemed to agree that it would be a good idea.

The radio station has also been broadcasting the City Council Meetings. Also trying to broadcast Borough Assembly Meetings and possibly School District Meetings.


  1. Old Business

No Old Business

  1. New Business

a.) Acceptance of Election Results: Jim motioned to accept most recent election results that add James ‘Jamo’ Webster to the Board. Dan Seconded. All in favor. Motion passed. James will be sworn in at the next meeting.

b.) FY13 Budget: Some discussion because budget print is so small. Having trouble with quickbooks printing the correct budget. The highwater mark for us this year is about $200,000. We have two years to spend monies acquired from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Austin has added more classes to the budget to create a more detailed view of how we are spending station money. The board would like to see a copy of the budget in larger print and maybe just quarterly or one total sum of each class. Luke asked what the tower revenue consisted of, Austin explained that GCI and NOAA each lease tower space from KSDP. The board is interested in seeing copies of these contracts. Austin asked if the board would approve the budget because it needs to be submitted to APBC on April 19th. We are pretty much done with this fiscal year, in the final quarter. Austin noted that he needs to get the budget to the board in a more timely manner. Luke made motion to approve budget for FY13. Dan seconded. Discussion; Luke would like to see the FY14 Budget earlier. All in favor. Motion passed.

c.) State Basketball: Jim was wondering if KSDP was going to broadcast the state basketball games. Austin is leaving town on Thursday and will be out there to announce the basketball games. Austin has reached out to other radio stations to see if they needed broadcasters and maybe be willing to pay a fee to KSDP. Board thinks Austin is doing a great job with broadcasting games.

d.) Cell Phones: Luke noted that Austin has been using his personal cell phone to cover and broadcast games and thinks that he should not have to be doing that. Luke recommends that Austin get a cell phone and plan through the station because he is the General Manager. Luke suggested GCI coverage because AT&T does not work that well out here. Maybe could  try to cut a deal with GCI since they do lease the station tower.


  1. Public Comment and Discussion

Luke voiced that the radio station feels more community based and he likes the direction that we are going.

  1. Next Meeting

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 5:30PM at the KSDP Radio Station Office.

  1. Adjournment

Dan moves to adjourn the meeting. Jim seconded. All in favor. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 6:46 PM.


Minutes submitted by Shalene Chebetnoy-Jackson, Administrative Assistant

Minutes reviewed by Austin Roof, General Manager


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Austin Roof, General Manager