November 29, 2011 Meeting Minutes

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  1. Call to order

Jim Brown called the meeting to order at 7:22pm on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at the KSDP Radio Station.

  1. Roll call

Jim called the roll.  The following persons were present:


Board members present: Jim Brown – Director; Luke Meinert – Director; Jack Foster – Director; Dan Williams – Director-via Skype


The following members were not present: Marta Varga — Director


KSDP staff present: Austin Roof – General Manager; Shalene Chebetnoy-J – Administrative Assistant: Virgil Porter – Station Technician


  1. Approval of Agenda

Luke made motion to approve the agenda. Jack seconded. Motion passed.

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Jack made motion to approve minutes from last meeting. Jim seconded. Motion passed.


  1. General Manager’s Report

Austin read and explained his report.

  1. Generators for the station and transmitter sites just started being manufactured this month and should be completed by January.
  2. Luke asked about the ARCS tower in King Cove. KSDP currently has a microwave dish placed on the tower. The tower is in horrible condition; unstable and unsafe. Austin suggested instead of using the money (FY12 Grant) that was allotted to remodel office to use it to rebuild the King Cove tower. Jack asked about just getting a stand for the dish that is currently on the tower instead of rebuilding tower. Austin thinks it will be mutually helpful for ARCS and KSDP to rebuild tower.
  3. Van Craft is coming to Sand Point in the near future to wrap up some projects.
  4. Membership drive was average this year. Jim suggested that instead of putting box holder actually address the envelope to a person because most people throw anything that says box holder away. Also Luke commented on maybe basing the membership drive around Silver Salmon Derby. Austin is hoping to do a few day membership drive last time giving people more of an opportunity to be a part of KSDP.
  5. The district wide ididapodcast contest will be announced November 30, 2011. Youth from ages K-12 are welcome to enter. The contest is being announced through the schools throughout the district. The students can email their podcasts directly to Austin and this district contest also gives them a jumpstart on the statewide competition. Austin has asked different entities throughout the area for donations so that station has not had to contribute any money as of now.
  6. Austin and Virgil have been working with the current events class at the school. They have been meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays during first period. The students are learning how to report news, hold interviews and to get comfortable on the radio. This is all leading up to interviews with the new Mayor Martin Gundersen and after that being able to report local current events.
  7. The board would like to see KSDP encourage more volunteers to get on the air and host their own shows, but take precautions as to what is being played by people.


  1. Old Business

No old Business


  1. New Business
    1. 1.      Election of Officers; Jim nominated Luke as President. Dan seconded. Luke accepted. Roll call vote; Luke-yes, Jim-yes, Jack-yes; Dan-yes. Motion passes.
    2. 2.      Luke nominated Dan to be Secretary/Treasurer. Jim seconded. Dan accepter. Roll call vote; Jack-yes, Jim-yes, Luke-yes, Dan-yes. Motion passes.
    3. 3.      Luke nominated Jim for Vice President. Jack seconded. Jim accepted. Roll call vote; Luke-yes; Jack-yes; Jim-yes; Dan-yes. Motion passes.
    4. 4.      Qagan Tayagungin Tribe Donation; Austin recommended we say yes at a value of $25-$50 which will help the station with community involvement. Luke asked if QTT sponsored the radio station, no they currently do not. Jim made a motion to donate $50 to the QT Tribe for the annual Christmas Potluck. Dan seconded. All in favor. Motion carries.
      1. Public Comments and Discussion
  2. Luke suggested having Aariah and Virgil do written reports for each meeting just so the board has an idea of the projects they are working on.
  3. Jack suggested holding a special meeting where the only thing on the Agenda would be swearing in all the board members. Jim asked Austin to check with Tina on the protocol for swear-ins. Austin said he would print out a copy of the bylaws for each board member. Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 22, 2011 at lunch.


  1. Adjournment

Luke made motion to adjourn meeting at 8:17PM. Jim seconded. All in favor. Motion passes.



Minutes submitted by: Shalene Chebetnoy-J, Administrative Assistant

Minutes reviewed by: Austin Roof, General Manager